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Feb 15, 2022  Al Chan

5 New HVAC Tools Technicians Need in 2022

When you consider the wide variety of diagnoses and repairs an HVAC technician could possibly encounter on any given call, making sure you have the right tools that get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible is key. At DiversiTech, we’re committed to researching and developing new tools that help HVAC techs on the job every day. Recently, we revealed our newest tools at AHR EXPO 2022, where technicians from all over the country were able to be hands on and try them out.

Here are the tools we’re going to be sharing today:

On to the tools!

The hilmor Lineset Cleaner

cropped HLC-minThe hilmor engineering team asked themselves how they could make cleaning out linesets easier – the answer they came up with was to make pigs fly! The hilmor Lineset Cleaner is a tool designed to allow HVAC techs to clear out oil and debris in a lineset, ranging from 3/8” to 7/8”, with just the pull of a trigger. It uses a pressurized source to launch a specialized foam puck, or pig, into the lineset and effectively wipes the tubing clean of all contaminants and remaining refrigerant.

How does it work?

Simply connect the correct nozzle, chamber the corresponding pig size, connect to a regulated compressed Nitrogen source, and pull the trigger for a perfectly clean lineset. The rinseable/reusable foam cleaning pigs (pictured below) are specifically formulated and manufactured to flow through normal lineset configurations and most deformations.

cropped foam pigs-min

At AHR 2022, we had the privilege of having Bryan Orr of The HVAC School, come by and do a demo of the new lineset cleaner. Check it out below.

The hilmor Pocket Brake

The hilmor Pocket Brake was invented by Daniel Mendoza, an HVAC technician of seven years, to streamline common tasks that HVAC technicians perform everyday while doing duct work out in the field: cross brakes and scoring. While a wide variety of workarounds have been created to get this done - from screwdrivers, to window screen rollers, to pizza cutters – there hasn’t been a dedicated solution, until now!

cropped HPB-min

The Pocket Brake is cast from solid zinc consisting of a round, ergonomic handle attached to a set of two metal wheels, providing the most stable and accurate way to score sheet metal in the field. Its design allows for a comfortable experience for both left-handed and right-handed users. With two wheels, you can be confident that your brake is on line and avoid errors that may occur from the slipping of a straight edge.

Using the tool is simple, once you have lined up the wheels on your brake line, you just lean on the tool with your body weight and glide forward to create your brake. What makes the Pocket Brake so unique is that it works great on grass, cardboard, or carpet -wherever you’re working.

We were recently featured on AC Service Tech, where Craig Migliaccio simulated creating a plenum in the field with only hand tools. Check out the video below and see the Pocket Brake in action.

The hilmor Reversible Magnetic Nut Driver

hilmor Reverisble Magnetic Nut DriversCoined as “the most fun you can have without stripping,” the inspiration behind the hilmor Reversible Magnetic Nut Driver was clear - to take a widely used tool in the market and make it amazing. Our engineers spoke with and took feedback from HVAC techs on existing products to implement design changes that would provide an even better tool experience than any competitor.

The Reversible Magnetic Nut Drivers incorporate a high-performance socket design that drives the fastener from the flats, not the corners, minimizing slippage. It features a tapered socket design for improved access in tight spaces and uses a 1/4-inch magnetic hex shaft, where metal shavings and debris are easily wiped off. The socket quickly changes between 1/4” and 5/16” sizes and is available in 3 standard lengths of 2-3/4, 4 and 6 inch lengths. The sockets are forged from 6150 Alloy Steel and hardened above 48 HRC for improved strength and durability making it the ultimate switch bit.

The DiversiTech SWOOSH Drain Gun Double Shot

The new SG-2 SWOOSH Drain Gun Double Shot is the latest product in our SWOOSH Drain Gun line to make sure that clogged drain lines don’t stand a chance. To add clearing power to the SG-1 Big Shot, which utilizes 20g CO2 cartridges, the new SG-2 Double Shot uses an additional chamber and 20g cartridge, providing 2.5x more flushing power than the SG-1. Don’t need the full 40g of SWOOSH? Not a problem, you can select to only use one cartridge and keep the other stored in the chamber.

SG-2KITAs with all our SWOOSH Drain Guns, the Double Shot is designed with safety and convenience in mind. Visual indicators keep the user informed of pressurized chambers, and the safety lock prevents accidental discharge.

SpeedClean Mini-Split Bib Kit 360

SpeedClean Mini Split Bit Kit 360-minThe Mini-Split Bib Kit 360 is the newest addition to the SpeedClean family of bib kits. The name says it all – this new bib kit provides 360 degree protection to the room you're cleaning the unit in. While other bibs help capture the dirty water draining from the mini-split, water can still splash everywhere while working with pressurized water. The Mini-Split Bib Kit 360 takes it to the next level by including a top and ears that protect the walls and ceilings too. This product also includes an 8 foot drain line to direct all water into the 5 gallon bucket (also included).

So there you have it - five great, new tools that you need to add to your truck to make sure you’re ready for anything in 2022! As always, these products as well as other DiversiTech, hilmor, and SpeedClean products are available at your local HVAC distributor.

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Published by Al Chan February 15, 2022